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Exterior Fleet Cleaning Solutions

Cars and Vans

We provide an efficient and effective external wash for vans and cars of all sizes, which includes

  • A combination of hand, brush and pressure washing techniques.
  • A focus on wheels and hard to reach areas, which are often missed.
  • Traffic film remover pre wash combined with wax shampoo is used as standard.
  • All products are tested, non caustic and environmentally safe.


If an Exterior Wash is combined with and Interior Valet, the vehicle is also subject to:

  • Full dry with a microfibre drying towel.
  • Polishing of external glass and mirrors.
  • Tyre dressing applied to tyres and wheel arches.

Haulage Vehicles

We specialise in the cleaning of Tractor Units and Rigids of all sizes.

  • Hand, brush and pressure washing techniques are incorporated.
  • Emphasis on the cleaning of the undercarriage, focusing on wheels, tyres, tanks and exhausts.
  • In the summer bug removal is included at no extra cost and in the winter road salt/grit removal is included at no extra cost.
  • Non caustic and environmentally friendly TFR with wax additives is used as standard.

Trailers and Tankers

Trailers and tankers are often unable to be put through fixed wash systems, if they can be, sides and undercarrages are often not cleaned to a high standard and can be damaged during the process. 


We offer a cost effective deluxe wash for both trailers and tankers:

  • Brush and pressure washing techniques used.
  • Various detergents used depending on requirements and trailer type.
  • Emphasis on wheels, tyres and sidebars.
  • Tankers receive detailed wash, focusing on intricate areas.
  • Removal of bugs and road salt as standard.



Additional Services

  • Tar Removal Total removal of stubborn, annoying tar splashes which remain after ordinary washing.
  • De-lettering Damage free removal of all livery leaving no adhesive marks. Please note paintwork around signage may have faded over time. Polishing may be required.
  • Polishing Hand wax-polish applied to vehicle exterior to correct minor scratches and restore lustre and shine. Perfect preparation for conventions and shows. We can also polish tanks, wheels and exhausts on trucks.
  • Intensive cleaning is also available to remove stains on neglected trailers and cement spillage on tankers. 
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